Spring Shoe Shopping Tips

Spring Shoe Shopping Tips


Is it time to shop for your new spring sports shoes? Wanting a new pair of sandals is a reason, too. Spring is here, and many people are ready to trade out their boots and thick socks for something lighter and spring-like. If you play a spring sport, like golf, tennis, or even track and field, it may also be time for a new pair of shoes. 


Do you know what you’re looking for while shopping? Seasons change, but our shoe principles remain the same. Keep support and size as top priorities. Here are our tips for making your shopping experience a success. The doctors at the New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group see too often the results of choosing fun shoes that don’t check any of the right boxes. Here are three habits to avoid:


Rushing your shopping time

If you’re going to find a new pair of shoes, take your time. Plan for your day to include visits to a few different stores. Also, plan to shop later in the day when your feet are at their largest size. Shopping during this time helps you get the most accurate size. If you plan on running into the store and buying a shoe without trying it on, you’re doing it all wrong. 


Assuming your size 

We understand how great it feels to know your size. However, every shoe is different. A style can make an impact on your shoe size. A big mistake is to assume that you wear the same size in every shoe. You may need to increase a half size. You may also discover that a particular style doesn’t work best for your feet.


Ignoring foot problems

You may be ready to wear sandals, but how are your feet? Do you have fungal toenails or bunions? Have you been ignoring your pain from flat feet? As much as we love a fresh start, we always share this tip with our patients: wearing a new pair of shoes won’t solve unaddressed foot problems. Reach out to our doctors. We can help you find the cause of your pain, which can better guide your shoe selection.


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