Protect Your Feet Against Diabetic Foot Complications

Protect Your Feet Against Diabetic Foot Complications

People with diabetes need to take very good care of their feet to avoid problems like cuts, infections, ulcers, and neuropathy. Whatever podiatric problems you might be suffering from, the team at New Jersey Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Group is always happy to help. This blog is packed with tips and tricks on how to fight diabetic foot complications.

Regular Foot Checks

  • Check your feet every day and look for any changes.
  • Check your skin for cuts, blisters, swelling, or changes in color.
  • Early detection and treatment are the key to the effective care and management of diabetic foot problems.

Pick Comfortable Shoes

  • Choose shoes that give you the right amount of support and cushioning.
  • Wear shoes that fit well, and avoid going barefoot, even indoors.
  • Poorly fitting shoes are one of the major causes of ulcerations and amputation in patients who have diabetes.

Take Care of Your Feet Properly

  • Use gentle soap and warm water to wash your feet every day.
  • Pay special attention to the spaces between your toes as you dry them.

Use a Moisturizer, but Not Between Your Toes

  • To keep skin from getting dry, put lotion on your feet, but don’t get it between your toes.
  • Fungal growth can be caused by too much wetness in this area.

Keep an Eye On Your Blood Sugar

  • Keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range.
  • Controlling your blood sugar levels can help keep your feet healthy. Besides managing your diabetes through medication, you need a good mix of diet and exercise as well.

Regular Check-Ups With a Podiatrist

Don’t Smoke

  • Smoking makes blood flow slower, which is bad for foot health.
  • Giving up smoking helps your blood vessels work better.

You can actively lower your chance of diabetic foot problems by adding these changes into your daily life. Getting help from a podiatrist and taking good care of your feet on a regular basis are the best ways to avoid problems and keep your feet healthy and strong.

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