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Stride with Confidence: Empowering Women Through Healthy Feet

Untreated foot issues can aggravate and lead to long-term problems with mobility and gait.

Mowing Your Lawn? Put Safety First!

Don’t skip safety when mowing the lawn. Check out our timely tips and reminders.

How to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer

Worn-out shoes cause more harm to your feet than any other health issue. Nevertheless, if your sneakers need to be replaced with new ones, be active in changing them. Consult a podiatrist if you have any questions about recommended footwear and foot health in general.


Patients with Diabetes Can Avoid Amputation

Did you know April was Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month? Diabetes-related foot ulcers can be so severe that they may require amputation of a limb if left unattended. Amputation rates have been observed to be reduced by more than half when complete foot care programs are used, which consist of early detection and…


Common Recurring Foot Injuries

Each year, millions of Americans experience recurring foot injuries and, as a result, see their foot doctor for examination and diagnosis. The majority of these patients receive treatment for minor foot disorders such as bunions, corns, foot infections, warts, or nail infections after complaints of discomfort, stiffness, swelling, or different deformities. Patients should seek the…


Summer Shoes for Children

Summer is a time for children to enjoy the outdoors, playing and exploring. While summer brings a lot of fun and games for children, it also means a lot of wear and tear on younger feet. Parents and caregivers must ensure their child wears the right shoes to prevent foot problems. Choosing the right summer…