Alcohol and Drug Use and Its Effects On The Feet

Alcohol and Drug Use and Its Effects On The Feet


Drinking the occasional beer or glass of wine is not harmful to your health. Several studies have found that consuming light to small amounts of alcohol can help keep you from developing some cancers and other diseases. Nevertheless, excessive alcohol consumption can be harmful.

Physical signs of alcoholism have been connected to liver damage, elevated blood pressure, and cerebrovascular disease. People with drinking issues increase their chance of developing diabetes. Binge drinking also plays a role in unsafe activities like drunk driving.

Drug usage can seriously harm the body’s most important organs. However, most individuals are unaware of how seriously destructive drug addiction can be on the lower limbs.

Alcohol Related Issues

Alcoholic neuropathy, or nerve damage brought on by prolonged alcohol usage, can affect both men and women who consume large amounts of alcohol. Numbness, tingling, discomfort, and fatigue in the feet are symptoms of this condition. If left untreated, the effects of alcoholic neuropathy may be permanent, harming not just the nerves but also the brain.

Your hands and feet have a large network of nerves that can all be negatively impacted by drinking too much alcohol. That implies that you eventually stop having any sensation in the region. You are unable to feel wounds and scratches because your feet are numb. Because the nerves aren’t equipped to detect temperature changes, feet are more susceptible to injuries.

Drugs Related Issues

As a vasoconstrictor, cocaine accelerates the heartbeat while constricting the blood vessels. Arteries or capillaries that have hardened, can result from prolonged usage. Because of this, cocaine users have decreased circulation, which increases their chance of developing peripheral artery disease and, in more extreme situations, amputation. Cocaine usage can also cause neuropathy. Similar to alcohol, excessive usage can harm the nerves permanently and irreparably.

Tobacco Related Issues

Tobacco products include nicotine, which can narrow blood vessels and create serious issues for smokers’ feet. Vasoconstriction, or narrowing of blood arteries, is one impact of nicotine on the body that makes blood circulation considerably more difficult. Feet are frequently the most affected since they have the thinnest blood arteries and are the furthest from your heart.

Make an appointment with a podiatrist right away if you are experiencing any problems with sensation in your lower extremities or vascular issues.

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